Facial veins come in all sizes, from fine red lines of spider veins to larger blue veins seen on the temples, chin, or around the eyes. Broken capillaries and telangiectasia cause redness across your features. They dont cause physical harm, but they can lower your self-esteem and mar your overall appearance.

You can try covering them with makeup, but that only goes so far. Dr. Rau and his team offer a more permanent solution to get you a clear, even complexion.

With the use of our dynamic dual-frequency laser, Dr. Rau selectively targets and destroys unwanted facial veins and other benign lesions. This non-ablative and non-invasive technique leaves your surrounding skin is left undamaged with virtually no chance for scarring.

The Laser Genesis process effectively treats a wide range of cosmetic issues, including broken capillaries, spider veins and telangiectasia, and larger visible veins around the nose and eyes.

This same treatment can clear up redness and erythema, treat rosacea, and reduce the appearance of sun spots and other blemishes, acne scars. It will also refresh and rejuvenate skin, all at the same time.

Thanks to a sapphire cooling plate, there is no pain and no need for anesthesia. The treatment is fast, and you can immediately return to your day.

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