Is your face hidden behind a port wine stain?

A port wine stain is a birthmark caused by swollen blood vessels discolor the skin, appearing as a pink or dark purple splotch on the body.

It occurs mainly on the face, arms, legs, and neck. It grows proportionately with the child, and will not disappear on its own. While they start out flat, the skin may thicken or develop a lumpy texture in adults.

Port wine stains can usually be diagnosed by looking at the skin and history of the birthmark, or in rare cases by skin biopsy. They affect 3 out of every 1000 people. Early treatment of a port wine stain returns the best results.

Our Brooklyn and Queens offices features a dual-frequency Excel V laser system that can treat port wine stains with a fast, non-invasive procedure. This precise green laser destroys the blood vessels without harming the surrounding tissue, leaving your skin clear and healthy.

The treatment is painless and can be performed by our doctors with local anesthesia while you or your child are awake. The mark can be significantly lightened after only a few sessions.

Dont let a port wine stain distract the world from the real you. Call Park Slope Medical Office to schedule your appointment and a free consultation with Dr. Rau.

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