Is your life being affected by rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin condition that affects the face, causing redness, flushing, swelling, bumps thickening skin, pimples, pustules and papules similar to acne, and burst capillaries to appear on the face.

It can cause you not only embarrassment and low self-esteem, but pain. 76% of sufferers report a burning sensation and 66% say they experience itching from the condition. Rosacea is estimated to affect 16 million Americans, but can be treated in Brooklyn by Dr. Rau.

Laser therapy is widely considered the one of the best treatment options for rosacea symptoms.

Park Slope Medical Offices uses the Excel V, a unique high-powered laser system that can treat a wide range of vascular conditions, including rosacea.

It heats and destroys the small veins and capillaries responsible for the appearance of the condition with concentrated pulses of light – this is done without breaking the skin.

With adjustable settings and a larger footprint than most lasers, treatment with this system is fast. The sapphire tip cools skin throughout the process, keeping pain to a minimum.

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