There is no such thing as a nice wart.

These rough, scaly, cauliflower-like bumps can appear on hands, feet, or anywhere on the body. Anyone can get warts. They are contagious, caused by a virus that can pass from person to person.

Most warts can be treated with medication. Sometimes these treatments dont work.

Large or numerous warts, and those that resist other treatments may need to be removed through surgery. Pregnant women may not be able to use topical treatments at all. One option for these tough cases is laser surgery.

If you are in the New York City area, Park Slope Medical Offices can help get rid of your warts.

Dr. Rau will evaluate your case and decide on the treatment that is right for you.

Our team uses a state-of-the-art Excel V laser system to disrupt the warts blood supply while leaving your skin intact.

Because the treatment does not use chemicals, there is no risk of skin color changes. Unlike carbon dioxide lasers, the Excel V does not remove surrounding tissue or leave scars.

Get rid of your stubborn warts. Call today to schedule an appointment at either our Brooklyn or Queens office.

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